5 Reasons To Do A Beauty Course

5 Reasons To Do A Beauty Course

There are many reasons why you may choose to do additional beauty courses.  Whether you’re an established beautician looking to expand on your current beauty offerings or you’re just starting out and looking to learn from the experts, we’ve got you covered.  Here at HD Academy, our course educators have years of experience training beauticians to the industry-standard.  Let’s take a deeper look into how undertaking a new beauty course may benefit you:

Career Prospects

Upon successfully completing a beauty course with HD Academy, insurance and employment can be obtained with our qualifications.  Expanding your beauty offerings to clients creates further opportunity for beauticians to grow their business and meet the needs of all clients.  One of the most popular routes is to head down the beauty salon route offering clients a wide range of treatments from nails, makeup and various other beauty treatments.  Here at HD Academy, we provide a whole range of courses to help you further career prospects including:

Potential To Become Your Own Boss

Many people who sign up to our beauty courses are looking to become their own boss and with beauty, this is very possible to achieve with the demand growing year on year.  The ability to set up your own mobile business is popular for beauticians looking to break away from the norm and escape the traditional working route.  Enrolling in beauty courses will further add to your already existing skillset and make you an attractive proposition to potential new clients.


As well learning new beauty treatments being beneficial to your own clients, it can also help you as the beautician.  If you’ve been offering the same treatments for a considerable amount of time and you’re looking for more variation, learning a new treatment and participating in one of our courses is a great option.  Variation helps to keep fresh and offering something new to clients that have been with you for a while helps to keep things fresh.


Here at HD Academy, our courses are fully accredited by the ABT (The Association Of Beauty Therapy) and upon successful completion of the course, employment, qualifications and insurance can be obtained.  Even after you’ve gained your qualification, support will be available from our educators whenever you need it.  All our courses involve the latest industry techniques and practices with theory and practical elements taught.

Job Security

With the industry continually growing and expanding, it makes sense to keep up with the latest beauty courses and treatments.  People care about their appearance more than any other point in time and this is causing a growth in demand for fully qualified beauty therapists that can offer a variety of beauty treatments.  Here at HD Academy, we have dozens of courses to suit your next career step and what you aspire to learn from our experienced beauty educators.

Check Out Our Courses

To find out more our extensive list of courses we provide, get in touch with us today by calling us directly on 01942 887089.  Alternatively, check out our list of courses & prospectus here.

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