ABT Accredited Nail Courses

ABT Accredited Nail Courses

HD Academy provide ABT accredited nail courses in Manchester at our state-of-the-art beauty centre. Whether you’re just starting out in beauty and looking to learn the basics of nails or you’re an established beautician and looking to excel your skillset, we have a wide range of ABT accredited nail courses for you to select from. Our range of nail courses include; acrylic nail courses, gel polish courses, builder gel courses, and e-file courses. For more information or to book yourself on to one of our up and coming courses, call us directly today on 01942 887089 or check out our courses and prospectus page. Let’s look at each ABT accredited nail course we offer…

Acrylic Nail Courses

If you’re looking to start your career and develop a solid skillset, acrylic nails may be a great place to start. This is a beginners course provided by our excellent beauty educators that will help to accelerate your skills. Our acrylic beginner course is a 30-hour course that runs over the course a five days and is only available to a limited number of students per course. Within this course, you’ll learn the application of acrylic techniques including; sculptured nails, ombre nails, and full colour nails.

Gel Polish Courses

Another hugely popular type of ABT accredited nail course that we provide at HD Academy is our excellent gel polish course. With our gel polish courses, you can select from either 1-on-1 training OR group sessions depending on your current skillset and preferences. This is a short one-day course where we teach you both the theory and practical elements of gel polish application. Support will also be available upon completion of the course.

Builder Gel Courses

Our builder gel courses are very similar to our gel polish courses with the key difference being that builder gel can be infilled unlike gel polish. Therefore, undergoing this course will truly offer clients something that other beauticians may be failing to provide. Although this course lasts for a duration of just 4 hours, you’ll gain massive amounts of knowledge and value. Once we have covered the foundations, we will then proceed to taking you through the builder gel application process and aftercare procedures.

E-File Courses

E-file treatments are growing in popularity and this serves as a great opportunity for beauticians to expand their skillset and meet current demand. The days of manually filling nails still exist but there is now a much more efficient option available. Enter E-Filing which gives you the option to do it electronically. Moreover, E-File treatments also help to reduce the time it takes to complete a treatment whilst still maintaining high-quality treatment. Our E-File courses are for a short duration of just three hours.

ABT Accredited Nail Courses – Benefits

All beauty courses and nail courses that HD Academy provide are ABT accredited. Having an ABT accredited in today’s competitive market as a beautician is likely to stand you apart. An ABT accreditation is much more than just a logo or membership. Once you complete an ABT accredited beauty course with HD Academy, employment and insurance are available immediately. Moreover, the accreditation will also ooze confidence to your new clients you can take on and offer beauty treatments too. It truly is a no brainer!

What Other Accredited Courses Do You Offer?

As well as ABT accredited nail courses, we also offer a number of other courses. You are free to take on as many courses as you like and go at the pace you feel most comfortable with. Other courses we offer include;- •Acrylic Nail CoursesEyebrow CoursesHot & Warm Waxing CoursesIntimate Waxing CourseLash Lift CourseSemi-Permanent Eyelash CoursesSpray Tan CourseThreading Courses •And much more!

Our Latest Review

‘“Completed the makeup training course, thoroughly enjoyed it  and learnt so much for the duration of the course. The girls are very professional and passionate about what they do and are very patient.

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