Best Beauty Courses 2023

Best Beauty Courses 2023

If you’ve promised yourself that 2023 is going to be your year and that you will become successful in the beauty industry, here is your sign that now is the time to take action. There are so many different beauty courses to undertake. Our beauty educators at HD Academy offer up to a dozen beauty courses for you to select from. In this latest blog post, though, we’ll be covering our top FIVE recommendations for the best beauty courses to take in 2023. Our recommendations will be based on the latest trends for 2023, high income beauty skills, and more!

Nail Courses

When it comes to the beauty industry, most people seek hair and nail treatments. They are highly popular for a reason and so why not offer what your customers want? That way, you both win! In 2023, there are so many different nail treatments that you can offer. For example, you can offer sculptured nails, ombre nails, full colour nails, and reverse french acrylics. Here at HD Academy, we offer two in-demand nail courses that our students absolutely love;- Acrylic Nail Course For Beginners – This course is suitable if you are an aspiring beautician with minimal experience. Our beauty educators will teach you the best practices from the outset. This is a fully accredited 30-hour course where you will learn a wide range of techniques. FIND OUT MORE HERE E-File Course – Thanks to advancing technology, this treatment can be used to save beauticians a lot of time when treating clients. This is a fully accredited one-day course that covers a range of demonstrations, lectures, and practical teachings. FIND OUT MORE HERE

Spray Tan Courses

In 2023, there is more emphasis being placed on the way that we look. Whether that’s looking your best for a special occasion such as a birthday or just raising self esteem, people are seeking ways to feel better about themselves. Enter spray tan courses. Spray tan treatments are a quick and easy way to look better. As the saying goes, life is better with a tan!  In this course, you’ll learn the theoretical and practical skills to professionally apply artificial spray tan whilst ensuring that you are looking after your  client in line with health and safety requirements.

Waxing Courses

Waxing is one of the most popular beauty treatments. Most people grow unwanted hair and want to see the best and most efficient ways to remove hair from unwanted places such as the back, face, chest, and legs. Waxing provides long-term benefits, especially when compared to traditional types of hair removal. When clients undertake waxing, they benefit from reduced regrowth of hair, and smooth skin. As you can imagine, this is a great beauty treatment to offer to your clients. Fortunately, we provide a dedicated full body waxing course for beauticians seeking to further their skills and range of treatments.

Makeup Courses

In 2023, there is a direct correlation between makeup and beauty. Makeup is at the centre of helping people feel better, look better, and allow skin to glow. It’s no wonder why makeup is so popular. With this in mind, it’s a great idea to consider makeup beauty courses if you don’t currently have the skills to provide this beauty service. Make yourself stand out in the industry by undertaking an ABT accredited makeup course with options including a duration over 5 weeks or 2 days.

Eyebrow Courses

This is another fantastic beauty course to consider undertaking in 2023.  With our eyebrow beauty course, you’ll learn the practical application skills of tinting eyebrows and eyebrow shaping that will be able to give a makeover to your clients. Eyebrows are a key feature of the face and highly important when it comes to helping people feel and look good in social situations. Find out more about our dedicated eyebrow course today.

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