Five Benefits Of Undertaking ABT Makeup Courses

Five Benefits Of Undertaking ABT Makeup Courses

HD Academy have recently just announced that we are now able to provide ABT accredited makeup courses to both aspiring beauticians and also established beauticians that are looking to expand on their existing treatments provided to clients. In this latest blog post, we’ll be covering the FIVE main benefits of undertaking ABT accredited makeup courses.

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Learn the practical skills required

You learn from hands-on experience. It’s no secret that many people learn a lot more effectively through practical application. Hands-on experience, carrying out practice and demonstrations in person is incomparable, particularly when it comes to providing high-quality beauty treatments. After your training is over, you will have gained the necessary practical skills which will guarantee that you are completely equipped to provide the greatest service while dealing with your own clients. A beauty expert will work with you to perfect your application and delivery of the particular beauty service you want to offer throughout the sessions.

Makeup courses are ABT accredited

The range of courses offered ensures you can deliver your clients only the best. ABT accredited courses allow for people to expand the services offered to clients. Broadening your options can aid in refreshing your skill set and bringing new aspects to what you have to offer. For instance, you might have currently just be offering manicures, but now your regular clients are wondering if you also provide makeup services or eyelash extensions. By being proactive and enrolling in new courses to learn treatments that you’ve never before provided, you can retain your professional reputation while also increasing your income and expand your services offered thus making your business more profitable

You’ll learn from the best

You learn from the best. Here at HD Academy, our educators are highly qualified and driven to provide the best education that each student deserves. You will receive instruction from the absolute best, most educated, and experienced local beauty instructors when you choose an industry-leading course provider like us, HD Academy. Beauty teachers usually have decades of experience in a variety of beauty fields and professions, and they are now at a point in their careers where they want to help aspiring beauticians who want to be just like them. Our educations have a strong education in beauty and makeup and are eager to relay their knowledge to students.

Improve client satisfaction

Client Satisfaction is incredibly important when running and maintaining the reputation of a business. Everybody wants to improve client satisfaction as they are the people that will ultimately grow your beauty business in the long run. Your beauty business can thrive through increasing recommendations amongst a group of people or friends and client satisfaction. Getting the basics right and providing the greatest service are the first steps in increasing customer happiness. In order to perfect each stage of the treatment procedure, such as the consultation, hygiene, health and safety, and of course the final application, you will learn about each stage when you enrol ABT in makeup courses. 

Stay up to date with latest trends

Stay up to date with the latest beauty trends online. The world is constantly changing and due to the influence of social media makeup trends are constantly changing and developing over time. Even if you are a seasoned beautician, it’s crucial to stay current with the most recent techniques, products, and information in the field. What better way to keep up with the latest trends than to enrol in a beauty course? Enrol yourself in a cosmetic, nail, eyelash, eyebrow, or other beauty course to be sure you’re providing your customers with the greatest possible care.

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‘“Hayley is a brilliant teacher, listener and very patient. She explains thoroughly and helps all along. She is very friendly, and I have enjoyed my 10 weeks learning acrylic nails with her. I will definitely be joining her again for other courses” ”Over the 10-week course I have really enjoyed working with Hayley and the other girls. They have made me feel confident about my work and helped me improve. I would recommend doing the course through Hayley as she is so supportive and are guaranteed a pass first time.” ”Absolutely amazing course, I loved every second and learnt so quickly as a result of superb teaching skills. Hayley is one of the best tutors I have ever had.”

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